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With over 2 decades of home care experience, our office personnel will provide you and your family with a strong foundation of home care expertise. 

Anchor Healthcare Services Provides comprehensive management services to each client. The Nursing Supervisor and the on-call personnel can be reached twenty-four hours a day in order to  coordinate staffing needs in the event of cancellations or changes in the schedule.

Anchor Healthcare Services is responsible for hiring and verifying all qualifications and skills of the nurses. They oversee the coordination of schedules with the nursing staff and family, maintain open communication with parents, physicians, and insurance providers in order to discuss any medical or staffing concerns for the child, maintain current physician's orders in the home and audit all nursing notes. 

Valerie Cummings 
Marie Taylor
Brian Fitzwilliam 
Matthew Ayoub

Valarie Cummings, RN, BSN is the CEO/DON of AHS. She is licensed Registered Nurse in Virginia and Maryland. Ms. Cummings is the CEO and DON and has over thirty-seven (37) years of nursing experience in providing direct care to medically fragile patients/clients. She has founded and managed two successive JCAHO accredited staffing/home health agencies, Anchor Healthcare Services and Unique Nurse's Inc. Since 1991 to present, Ms. Cummings has had a total of 1,100 clients and a total of 1,500 employees work for her. Since 2008 and with Anchor Healthcare Services, she has had 120 clients and 300 employees. Currently AHS has 350 employees with a weekly active nursing pool of 180 professionals.

RN, BSN, Nursing Supervisor

Marie Taylor, RN, BSN has been with Anchor Healthcare for ten years taking care of clients with trachs, ventilators, and feeding tubes. Marie has been a Nursing Supervisor since December 2018. She also has 9 years of prior work experience at a nursing home.

Assistant CFO

Brian Fitzwilliam is the Associate CFO for Anchor Healthcare. He has over thirty years' experience in the healthcare industry working for both providers and payers. He has extensive skill sets in the healthcare industry including accounting, contracting, billing and follow up, Six Sigma certification, RFP development, Audit compliance and Quality. He has been a full charge CFO for a state-wide payer (Sentara Behavioral Health). He is responsible for the day to day revenue and cash flow for Anchor Healthcare Services.  

Financial/Payroll Officer

Matthew Ayoub is a financial officer for Anchor Healthcare. Having worked for 5 years with the company prior to his recent college graduation, Matthew has gained extensive knowledge of the industry. He has an ample skill sets in the healthcare industry including accounting, billing, and follow up. He is primarily responsible for the billing and payroll for Anchor Healthcare Services.



Caryn Bucia
Natassia Stegall
Alan Fields
Payroll/Billing Manager
Staffing Coordinator/On-call/HR

Caryn Bucia is the Billing-Payroll Director/HR Co-Coordinator for AHS. She is a Notary Public with Commonwealth of Virginia. Ms. Bucia has been working with Ms. Cummings for twenty-two (22) years since 1996 with a progression of job responsibilities from Billing Coordinator, Billing and Payroll Specialist, to Director of Billing-Payroll/HR Co-Coordinator. She has acquired healthcare billing proficiency and also assisted in staffing for the past ten years. In addition o her duties related to billing and payroll, Ms. Bucia preforms tasks as Co-Coordinator of Human Resources. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to: general resource for CEO/DON with screening applicants, and the general hiring process; general resource to AHS staff for HR Policies and Procedures. From 1998 to present Ms. Bucia has been Billing Coordinator for VA Medicaid, MD Medicaid, BCBS, Fairfax County School contract. 

Ms. Stegall serves as the Staffing and On-call Coordinator for AHS. Ms. Stegall is a Staffing Coordinator for the firm and has brought skills and proficiencies to her tasks resulting in the agency's high staffing rate of 98%. She plans, coordinates, organizes, and compiles monthly client scheduling. She staffs over 3,200 hours of skilled nursing care per week and schedules 450 shifts/week. More specifically, Ms. Stegall's responsive and efficient  coordination skills have impacted the current staffing rate for AHS is 98% staffed.


Dr. Alan Fields practiced Pediatric Critical Care Medicine for 35 years.  He was the co-director who started the PICU at Children’s Hospital in Washington DC in 1975 and developed one of the leading training programs to train Pediatric Intensivists. He also started the PICU at the University of Texas, MD Anderson  Cancer Center in Houston Texas in 2001.


He was recognized for his expertise in mechanical ventilation for children, and home care for technology dependent pediatric patients and served as a Past Chancellor of the American College of Critical Care Medicine.  He received many national and international awards which included:

1).Shubin-Weil Award for Excellence by the  Society of Critical Care Medicine, 1993

2).  Listed in The Best Doctors in America, Woodward-White 1992, 1994, 1999, 2001−2009

3)  Distinguished Service Award by the Society of Critical Care Medicine, 2009

4).  Master of Critical Care Medicine  (MCCM)  2013

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